Closing my account

I can’t seem to find a way to close my account with Bulb. I no longer live in the property and had no responses to my email.
Can you please help?

@Stelios you can use

I don’t see any emails from you. Have you emailed

Yes, I did email this address twice.

Hi @Stelios I can see you’ve processed the move out on your Bulb account. Weirdly, I can’t see any emails either, was it from the same email address attached to your community account?

Would it be possible to get one of the following implemented for cases such as this (missing emails):

  • Auto-acknowledgements with a ticket number. Therefore if you haven’t received the auto-ack in, say, an hour, you know that Bulb was unlikely to have received it. Simplest/quickest to implement from my perspective (Zendesk should already support this)
  • Logs in “My account” of ALL communications received/sent for that account (this will require people to send mail from a matching email address though, but should work for most of the time) OR customer access to Zendesk (the ticketing/helpdesk system Bulb uses)
  • A web form in the “My account” section which sends the email to Bulb, logs it in the communications portal and provides the user with the ticket id on screen and via email [displayed on screen with time/date and “current response times/expected response in…” text].

The latter would be my preferred option as a) it deals with identity related aspects (as they user has proven they can login to their account: so low chance of email spoofing etc), b) keeps things “secure” (as email can be insecure - use I know about ESMTP, PGP etc: but the latter is “hard” for most people and there’s always a chance ESMTP won’t be in place), and c) provides all the information the user needs to “prove” they sent the request to you and gives them an idea when to expect a reply. It’ll also help you to be able to classify inquiries (have a drop down subject), have the users account number to hand (as it could be included in the email from the portal) etc etc

Hey @RichyB - thanks for the ideas! Super valuable and I’ve passed it on to the right team :slight_smile:

We always want to keep things as simple as possible, but the idea to add a communications portal to the online account is one that I really like, especially as it gives an additional way to contact us, rather than superseding something else.

I’m not too hot on the security side of things but I imagine giving our members access directly to Zendesk in any way would be quite a risk to our other member’s data and therefore something we wouldn’t be able to do, but I’ll get that checked too.

Auto-acknowledgements are a tricky one, as we don’t want to bombard people with emails. If we have a conversation going back and forth, we don’t want to clog up anybody’s inbox with acknowledgement emails every time they respond, but sending one for the first contact is definitely a cool idea.

What does the rest of the awesome Bulb community think? :slight_smile: