Closing my Good Energy Account

Hi Bulb

I received this from Good Energy when I asked about closing my account:

Looking at our records, your most recent bill includes your final electricity reading, provided to us by Bulb at the end of December. However, we haven’t received a request for your gas to leave us, which is why your account is still open. If Bulb have taken a gas supply for you, please ask them to check what supply number they have taken. To confirm, the supply number for your gas with us is 1024351003, so this should be the one that they’ve requested. If they have another number, they may have taken an incorrect gas meter in error.

Can you confirm you’ve taken the right supply number and also that the switch for my gas account is underway?

Hi @Eilidh, I’m not Bulb but due to the third party checking that goes on when readings are submitted and sent on to your old supplier, they can sometimes take a bit longer and not be sent over at the same time as one another.

Gas supply details are often delayed for some reason.

Hi @Eilidh

We have switched over a different gas meter to the one that but I’ve now put through your switch for the correct MPRN as of the 31st January.

I’ve refunded back two months of your payment for you to use in paying your bill to Good Energy for the gas supply. There is significant referral credit in your account still, so your account will remain in a good position.

I’ve sent you a new statement showing just the electricity on your account.

We’ll ask for your opening reads on the 26th Jan.


Hi Rob
Good Energy still haven’t closed my account and I’ve just had a massive bill from them.

Did you refund the amount back in to my Bulb account and if so how do I get it our of there to pay the bill?


Oh i’ve just seen the money in my bank account! Wondered why we had more than we should have. So now can you confirm the date the gas switch over happened? as this bill is from 28/12 (which is when I should have been switched over by) to the 15/2.

@Eilidh can you please send us the statement you’re talking about to We believe we supplied your gas from 31/01/18.