Closing Statement - When will I receive?


I’ve asked a few times on the live chat when I’ll receive my closing statement & people keep promising to drop me an E-Mail to explain what the latest is, but so far I’ve received nothing.

Also, direct debits keep being taken from my account despite bulb confirming that this is a mistake. Can someone please advise what the current situation is with my account and when I should expect to receive my remaining credit? (as this keeps going up as Bulb continue to take payments for a property I’m no longer living in!)


Hi @maxwootton ,

Sorry to hear about the problems you are having - you should have got your closing statement within 6 weeks (the delay is usually caused by the old provider not forwarding readings to the third party independent switching/meter company and the latter then spending their time sitting on it). Have you tried calling Bulb on 0300 30 30 635 (live chat on ) as the emails may be getting lost/diverted to spam either to/from yourself. If you aren’t getting any resolution, it’ll be worth escalating the problem to their complaints team ( )

Hi Rich, yeah I’d always gone through the live chat/via phone until now, it’s bulb which keep promising to E-Mail me unfortunately (didn’t get anything through spam). I might do that, it’s a shame really as bulb were great in the beginning as a customer but they seem a bit snowed under now with the amount of new customers they’ve had through, relying on helpful customers like yourself to answer instead! Cheers