Code of Conduct

Hi everyone :wave:

We’ve updated our code of conduct to make sure the community is a place where everyone can join in and feel included. You can read that below. :raised_hands:

We’ll do another post about the ‘how to’s’ of the community – for example, how to start a topic, or reply to a post. :ok_hand:

Community code of conduct

  1. Stick to the point :point_right: - This community is a place to discuss Bulb, green energy, products and services and ways you can lower your carbon impact. Please keep your posts on topic – anything wildly out of character will be removed. To keep things moving along, we may close threads to new comments if a conversation is going round in circles. And if multiple threads are on similar topics, we may merge them. If a comment is interesting, but not quite in the right place, we may move it to a different thread. Please don’t post your referral link, spam or advertisements. If you do, we’ll remove them.

  2. Spread good energy :bulb:- Please respect others, their thoughts and feelings and welcome new joiners to the community. This is a place where new ideas are born and your feedback is valued. It’s not a place for arguments or name calling.

    We’ll delete rude or offensive posts targeting other members of the community or our moderators. If your post is offensive, you could also be suspended or blocked from the community.

    Be nice. Talk as you would to a friend.

  3. They’re private for a reason :lock:- This is a public forum. Please don’t share your (or anyone else’s) personal details. If you need to give Bulb your name, address or bank details to get help with your energy account, contact us directly.

  4. The more the merrier :people_holding_hands: - You can join the Bulb community whether you’re supplied by Bulb or not.

  5. Power to the people :muscle: - The community may be Bulb’s but the conversation is for everyone. Share your knowledge, answer questions or join conversations. And if you’ve got comments for us, we encourage constructive feedback, so we can improve our service and products.

More details :memo: (just in case you were unsure)

We don’t like :-1:

  • Being disagreeable for the sake of it
  • Posting spam
  • Giving unconstructive criticism
  • Posting comments that don’t add anything to the conversation

We won’t have :no_entry_sign:

  • Use of more than one account per person
  • Impersonating others
  • Criminal activity
  • Sexually explicit content
  • Use of rude or offensive language. Nobody should feel excluded on the basis of
    -Gender identity or gender expression
    -Sexual orientation
    -Disability or medical condition
    -Physical appearance

The Community should be a friendly place. If we think you’re misusing it, we’ll let you know.

If there’s a problem

If you feel uncomfortable with any content that’s been posted on the Community, you can contact the Community moderators or you can send an email to

You can also flag any inappropriate content. Just click the ‘Flag’ button in the right-hand corner of a comment and we’ll review it.

Thanks for keeping the community a safe, informative and friendly place! :bulb: :grin: