Collaborating with the Sun newspaper?

Like many I’m sure I was drawn to Bulb for their ethical credentials. To read today that Bulb are collaborating with the Sun newspaper is pretty shocking to me to be honest. It’s important to me as a consumer that companies I do business with spend their money with companies who share their values and ethos. I appreciate everyone has their own views on this but for me this will likely be the end of my journey with Bulb.

I found Bulb a breath of fresh air when signing up with them but reading these boards and observing decisions like the partnership with the Sun is it fair to say the company is casting to one side its principles and purely chasing money instead? Would be interested in others views on this and Bulb’s explanation of their advertising decision if this is of concern to them.


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We’ve launched a campaign for Earth Day which will celebrate the UK’s green heroes with green plaques, a bit like the blue plaques. This is because want to celebrate and raise awareness around the people who are doing amazing things to help make the UK a greener place.

With The Sun, they’ve created an entire ‘Green Team’ to write about the climate crisis and they’ve covered the launch of our green plaques campaign. This isn’t a paid partnership with them. We’re really pleased to see that the media are increasing their coverage of the climate crisis. It means more people are going to be exposed to new views and have more information.

To tackle the climate crisis, and reach net zero by 2050, there are going to have to be massive changes. We need everyone on board. About one and a half million people read The Sun in print, and it has an online circulation of about 22 million. The more of those people that we can reach about tackling the climate crisis, the better. So I hope that gives some context.

Let me know what you think! :vulcan_salute:

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I saw this on Twitter also and I’m massively disappointed that Bulb have associated themselves with this disgusting rag.

This paper is absolute poison and whoever thought this was a good idea, regardless of the cause, needs to think about what your brand and ethos mean to you.

This is a mistake and I’m so disappointed in Bulb having recommended you to so many people.


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Also the Sun doesn’t care about anything. They print what the flavour of the month is. When this has run its course they will do a complete u-turn on this.

Have you guys ever read the Sun?

The more I think of this the more bizarre it is. :upside_down_face:

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A contradiction in terms! :roll_eyes:

Damn, I wish I had seen this before I joined Bulb. Had I known I would never have given them my custom!

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Get me out of bulb immediately. I have nothing to do with anything or anyone involved with that scum rag. Release me or I’ll simply stop paying.

Release you from what? You are not under contract with bulb. You are free to go or stay, the choice is yours

They’ll want the balance paying before I am allowed to switch. As it’s the balance I disagree with, we are at an impasse. I have applied to switch so let’s see how it pans out. :+1:

The cut-off point for switching is circa £500. They will deduct the final bill from any credit you have remaining, The final bill will be from the readings you give your new supplier, if you don’t agree you can get your new supplier to initiate a dispute

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Thanks for explaining this, @mojo. Just to correct you somewhat, we would need the debt amount on the account would need to be less than 2x the current Direct Debit amount. So for example, if your payment amount is £100, your debt balance would need to be less than £200, in order for us not to object to the switch.

Also, @master.chef, I’ve sent you an email about your account this morning, so please do take a look at this :mailbox_with_mail:

Lou :sparkles:

Partnership with the Sun!!! That’s pretty bad. After the Hillsborough disaster and the shameful coverage of the accident by the Sun, Liverpool boycotted the Sun.

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This has made my decision for me, I was thinking of switching to a fixed deal but now I see this I need think no longer. As a Liverpudlian who was affected by the Hillsborough Disaster I’m really going to look at an alternative supplier now.

Billy Bragg - Never buy the sun
It won’t let me post a link to the song but you can check it out on youtube

this is hilarious, [REDACTED]

Anyway, no time to waste, I’m off to catch up on current affairs with GB News and then I’ll be smoking off down the shops in my V8 to buy some meat.