Comfortplus readings

Thinking about switching.Have Comfortplus(3 Tariffs). Do I have to change to to Economy 7 or how do I do readings

My parents switched from Scottish Power on Comfort Plus to Bulb without changing their meter. They have a radio teleswitch meter (which gives day, night and storage heater readings) - one meter but 2 MPANs (2 supplies) .

One supply (day/night) was switched to Bulb’s Economy 7 tariff. The storage heater supply could only be switched to Bulb’s standard tariff because the meter has too many off peak hours. If you’re a heavy user of storage heaters then it could be prove expensive unless you can get it rewired.

They are billed for 2 standing charges because of the 2 MPANs. It may be possible to have the storage heater supply de-energized (to avoid the standing charge) but this would likely require rewiring work and probably making the switch to a smart meter (or paying for an Economy 7 meter).

If you have the same complicated related meters set-up you’ll likely have to call Bulb after you initiate the switch online to ensure that they request both MPANs.

Submitting readings is straightforward when both MPANs are added correctly. The MPAN on E7 has both day and night readings to submit.

Hope that helps.