As a member of the committee of the Leeds Irish Centre, a community organisation based on membership with a 50 year history, I was extremely disappointed to hear that Bulb could not supply our premises with electricity. We have never failed to pay any bill coming into the building and, despite having no company number or charitable status, we cannot access your terms. Very disappointed and insulted. As a result, I am seriously considering changing my personal supply.

I assume you tried filling in form: and this is when you were unable to meet the criteria?

Hi there @Carnaross I guess that the reason you can’t switch across for your business is because you don’t have a company or charity number for us. When we’re switching businesses we have to be a little more careful about credit checks and so on, so we use creditsafe to check businesses during the whole quote process. If you can get your organisation listed on creditsafe, then we’d be able to go further with getting you a quote for your business property