Commonly asked questions about the Warm Home Discount

You can now register your interest in the Warm Home Discount.

We’ll email everyone who has registered once the applications are open, so you’ll be the first to know. Applications open during Autumn this year.

We’ve taken a look at past questions raised by members about the process and answered some of the most popular ones here.

If you have a specific question you think we’ve not answered, let us know in the comments. We’re always looking for feedback on the Warm Home Discount, so we’d love to hear that, too.

@Ejf asked us 'Do I have to register for the Warm Home Discount?

You do if you’re in the broader group.

If you’re on a low income and receive certain benefits, you may qualify for the broader group with Bulb, which means you’ll have to manually apply for the Warm home Discount. You can check over past criteria here: Warm Home Discount broader group criteria for 2020 to 2021 – Bulb

You are part of the core group if you receive the ‘guaranteed’ element of Pension Credit each year. If you are part of the core group, you do not need to apply, and you will automatically receive the Warm Home Discount each year.

@grayvicky480 asked us ‘When do you open applications fo Warm Home Discount?

The application date for the Warm Home Discount can change each year, which is why it’s important to register your interest so you’re informed as soon as it opens up.

@Exeter1969 posted ‘I have been turned down for the Warm Home Discount with Bulb. My previous suppliers allowed it. My circumstances have not changed, I don’t understand why I do not qualify?

The broader group criteria can change every year and varies depending on the supplier, so it’s always worth checking before you apply. We did actually take on more applications than ever last year and have one of the broadest criteria amongst suppliers now. You can take a look at the criteria for 2020 here but it’s important to double check what we’ll accept this year once the applications open.

@Gav10001 wanted to know ‘Do I need to reapply for the Warm Home Discount that I previously received from SSE? I did express an interest in this year’s payment with them earlier this year.

Yes, we can’t tell that you’ve registered your interest with another supplier. If you’re not part of the core group, you’ll need to reapply each year for the Warm Home Discount, whether you’ve just switched or not. It’s important to remember that each supplier will have different criteria for the broader group.

If you are part of the core group, then you’ll automatically receive the Warm Home Discount from whoever your supplier was in June. It doesn’t matter whether you’re with them that winter or not.

@BONGSMAN asked ‘'Do Bulb confirm if a customer is to receive the Warm Home Discount or not and if so, when?’

Your application will be sent off to the DWP (Department for Working Pensions). There, it will either be selected for audit (checking the supporting documentation and application) or will be approved automatically. This is done in batches, depending on when you send your application in, so it’s important to send in your application ASAP. We’ll let you know if your application is successful or not as soon as we get told by the DWP.

@ammara posted ‘‘hi how can I apply for the Warm Home Discount?’

If you are finding submitting the application online difficult, or need a hand with applying to the Warm Home Discount, just reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help.

We can submit your supporting documents for you if you send them to us via email, or you can post them to us at:

Warm Home Discount
155 Bishopsgate

If you are sending documents to us via post, please only send us copies and be aware that it will take a little longer for us to process these, so it might take a bit more time for your application to be sent off.

@junemcooper asked us ‘Can the voucher be redeemed at a Paypoint/Topup Shop?

If you pay for your energy with a top-up meter, you’ll get your £140 credit as a voucher. This can only be activated at the Post Office. You can decide how much money to add to each fuel. So if you need more on your gas than your electricity, for example, just ask the person at the counter to split it to whatever amount you’d like.

@claireoff asked us ‘I applied for the Warm Home Discount when the applications first opened and heard nothing. Wondering if I’m accepted for this?’

Checking the applications can take a while meaning the timescale for when you’re paid can vary, so please do not worry if payment is later than usual if you’ve applied before. If you’re in the broader group and your application is selected for audit, it can also take longer to be paid. It’s nothing to be concerned about and all payments will be made by the 31st of March if the application has been successful. The payment is sent to us by the DWP, so we do have to wait before awarding this but as soon as it comes through, we’ll get this paid to you.

If you ever want us to check on the status of your application, please give us a call on 0300 303 0635 or drop us an email to