Comms hub reboot

How will we know when a requested (by somebody at bulb) comms hub reboot has been done?

If you’re lucky (!), when meter readings start showing up in your Bulb account, and your IHD starts working.

If the reboot doesn’t resolve your issues though, there’s no easy way to know, other than to chase Bulb after whatever timeframe they’ve indicated (usually, that’s around 4-6 weeks).

The comms hub reboot was requested because my IHD doesn’t connect to the meter - hasn’t since the meters were fitted in April 2019.
A comms hub reboot was done back in February (or around spring time) and that got the meter readings to go through properly (after my Meter number was updated, after it not being done correctly when the smart meters were fitted - I had to point that out), and have continued to go through ever since, but the IHD never connected.
I think there’s something else wrong, but a comms hub reboot was requested.

So from my side, I guess I’ll never know when the reboot has been done because Meter readings are already showing up on my account, both HAN and WAN lights are flashing at 5 second intervals on the comms hub (which is apparently “okay” status), and my IHD has never worked despite previous comms hub reboot.

Hi @ryan4257, I popped you an email about this yesterday, so would you be able to take a look at that for me? :mailbox:

I did reply last night. No change here.

I’m still none the wiser.
How do I find out if the comms hub reboot has happened yet?

@ryan4257, I’ve just responded to your email again!

@Lou_at_Bulb yes, I saw, and have replied again. It doesn’t really answer it though.
When you say “we’re still waiting for this reboot to go through”, do you see it sat in a queue or something? Or are you basing that on the fact that my IHD still doesn’t work?
Will you actually know when the reboot has been done? Because that’s not clear looking at other posts about it - the acknowledgement that it’s been done always seems to be a passage of time with no change, or something starts working.

Hello, thought I’d posted this elsewhere, but I can’t find it and I’m not sure how this forum works. Anyway, I’ve had no data on my IHD for a week. It just keeps resetting, resetting, resetting…I’ve tried the online process for resetting twice but nothing has happened. Can’t get to talk to anyone on phone or webchat. Very frustrating - I have a smart meter but I have no idea how much energy we’re using!! What’s the point?

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Hi @grahamdemax :wave:

This is a known problem and requires a comms hub reboot. The comms hub is the box that sits on top of the electricity meter.

I have now requested this for you and it will take about 6 weeks to happen. In the meantime you should leave the IHD and it will go off when the battery drains.


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Just had a chat with bulb regarding the fact that my ihd is switching on and off, its also stuck on the gas feature and not the electric one.Also when i press the home button nothing happens. Was told its a wifi problem even tho its 3 metres from the electric box and i thought the person at the other end of the phone wasnt interested in helping.Question is can the ihd be fixed or shall i recycle it as the ihd is not fit for purpose?.

Hi @Scowy52

Welcome to the Bulb Community :wave:

I’ve moved your question here as it’s a relevant thread. Essentially what has happened is your IHD has lost connection to your communications hub. We’d usually fix this by rebooting the hub.

These reboot requests are processed by the company that run the smart network. In most cases the reboot will fix this issue. Otherwise the network operator and meter manufacturers in your area are working on solutions to connectivity issues such as this one, and will be rolling out fixes as soon as they’re ready. There’s nothing you need to do to get the fix, it will automatically be sent out to your devices and they will start communicating on their own.


Hi, I emailed cutomer support to get a comms hub reset but not heard anything back. For months now I’ve had a ‘gas meter disconnected error’ despite trying all the reboot/reset/wait next to the meter options.

Could you confirm I’m added to the next batch to be requested from DCC?

Me too, I’ve emailed about recommissioning my gas supply on Wednesday and since two months ago.

No communications hub reboot has been requested per Geo’s advice to repairing my IHD (the reconnection requests Bulb has made has not fixed this issue) and all my communications to Bulb get ignored. The Error Codes 26-0 and 26-4 mean the following:

Hi Henri​,

Here is what those codes mean -

28-2 -Electric Meter not responding- Trio not getting a response from meter - FOR UTILITY - Check IHD is in Meter Logs/Power Cycle Electric Meter

26-4 -Meter Network Lost for more than 25mins - For You power cycle IHD near electric meter - FOR UTILITY reboot the comms hub

26-0 - Network Down - IHD has been decommissioned or Network is not responding - For You power cycle IHD near the electric meter - FOR UTILITY reboot the comms hub

This looks to be an issue with the Network but if Bulb are getting reading from the meters then they have decommissioned you IHD and it will need to be recommissioned by them.

Kind Regards

Geo Support
Account Technical Support

GTC Pipelines advised to me that it is possible to use the GUID MAC Address to pair meters and IHD to the DCC and Ovo Energy is one of those companies that have seemed to be able to do this. I am surprised why Bulb is unable to do this? GTC said that the energy supplier would be able to request an appointment for an engineer to do this if it is not possible to for them to do it remotely.

I will try moving to British Gas, heck GTC even had a contact who was able to deal with this commissioning issues at British Gas. Not happy that I had to move suppliers just to do this simple request.

A reminder to people moving Energy Suppliers, the DCC limits any communications hub reboot for 90 days when moving suppliers or if one has been requested.

I have been with Bulb at the new property since February and it has been more than 90 days so I do not know why Bulb ignore my request…

Hi @Pluto :wave:

I can see your email and my colleague is currently looking into the issues with your IHD. You’ll get a follow up on this within the next few days, but please let me know if you have any more questions.

Hi @Henri_K :wave:

Sorry for the delay, but I can see your email sent on Thursday and I will be following up with you there.

Thanks both,
Cara :sunny: