🌍 Community 2020 Roundup 🌍

Whatever’s been going on in the wider world it’s been a busy year of activity in Bulb community. And we think it’s worth celebrating.

That’s why we want to publish some interesting data and stories we’ve had in the community over the past year. Because when we can’t connect in our own physical communities, online ones become more important, busy places.

Following our Spring clean we saw activity really ratchet up as the year went on.

In total we had 12k new posts and 2.8k new contributors so to all those who have participated in the making of the community, thank you!

We should start with one of the most inspiring stories from our PPE printing friend @MREP who took it upon himself to help those in need of protection on the NHS frontline.

This is how we should be looking at 2020. Thanks Matthew!!

It’s also worth mentioning some other communities that inspired us and worked with us during the tough times. A big shout out to the Bolton Mutual Aid group who’s admin ran the organisation so smoothly, helping vulnerable members to top-up on several occasions.

In April, our team got in touch with, @AngelaBrown who helped a fellow Bulb member who was shielding at the time, make a top up and keep their gas on. Later in the year, Angela’s Dad, Bryan helped another Bulb member in a difficult situation, by collecting an electricity top up for them. It’s selfless acts of kindness like these that we’ll all value from 2020. Thank you, Angela and Bryan.

We also welcomed 9,000 Gnergy members back in April स्वागतम् to those of you who chose to stay with Bulb!

Meanwhile smart was the most talked about topic, it dominated 40% of conversations. Our smart Q&A was our most popular Q&A of the year with 757 views and 18 comments. Some really interesting questions were asked about smart data, and Chris even helped one member with questions for their masters thesis.

Members shared their stay at home survival tips we particularly loved @198kHz stories about playing online chess with his family.

In May members found new ways to refer on social media with our new referral assets.

referral assets

We also launched the carbon calculator which allows members and non-members to calculate their carbon footprint and offset it.

In June we had our most popular product thread with the release of our smart usage graphs on the Bulb app. An API for members to export their smart data proved to be the most popular suggestion off the back of this.

In July we explored how lockdown affected our energy usage, and also celebrated some record breaking levels of renewable energy generation, too.

We also had our second most popular thread when we confirmed that we were ramping up our smart meter installations again, after we had to pause them due to COVID-19.

July also saw members get creative with our gola colours competition

One of our #golacolours winners chilling with their winnings

52 members took part in our London Climate Action Week 2020 quiz
Bulb foundation grantee EG3 organised London Climate Action Week ran from the 1-3 July and 14-20 November. They have been working across politics and policy using Carbon Capture and Storage to enable decarbonisation.

The Bulb Foundation is funded by Bulb and supports projects from 9 organisations. These projects aim to slow the progress of climate change, and help people already dealing with its effects. It’s been growing steadily this year.

In August we joined the #socialpowerdown to raise awareness of the stresses of social media, both on our mental wellbeing and on our emissions.

Our Smart Pay As You Go energy plan went live. Members with a compatible smart meter could switch from the 22nd of October and manage their energy from their phone. It’s the same great, green energy and you can top up from anywhere.

Back in November our solar members hit the £1 million mark for the amount of energy they exported back to the grid. 29 members got 10/10 in our winter solstice solar quiz to celebrate.

Team Bulb took part in a fundraising challenge this winter: To collectively run, walk or cycle the 35,185km between all the Bulb offices in London, Brighton, Paris, Madrid, Durban, South Africa and Austin, Texas. Le Tour de Bulb and the associated fundraiser are ongoing, but so far the Team have covered 15,525k for the mental health charity, Mind. Thanks @Charlie_Woodford for organising!


The Texas team contributing their part in Le Tour de Bulb

We got involved with the Newburgh Christmas lights fundraiser. The village children created the nicest christmas lights we’d seen!


Bulb’s community doesn’t just extend to domestic members, but also to the many businesses who use our green energy. You can see some of the small businesses celebrated in our #poweredbyBulb Christmas Gift Guide.

And finally members of team Bulb shared their favourite songs that got them through 2020 in this upbeat playlist . Enjoy, and look forward to seeing you 2021!

Help in the community

This year saw record numbers of members helping each other with an average of 68% of threads receiving assistance between members!

Thanks to @izzyhunt and @skippy64 for helping the most members this year with over 160 helpful flagged posts between you.

Member thanks section:

@Nick052 put forward a thread with some new ideas for the Bulb app which are being looked into

@PeterG76 discussed the latest home energy management devices with us as we move towards a decentralised energy grid.

@stevefoster with this BBC article on solar use in the black market, putting a whole new light on renewables.

@Trevor_at_Bulb announced some exciting community changes, with the introduction of new Community titles

@RichyB had a great idea around health check calls. The team who run these are now exploring an opt-in / opt-out option for checking in with members after spending 12 months with us.

@North_Londoner put forward some feedback on smart usage graphs. We’ve now added this to our roadmap for the app in the new year.

@Smart_fitter for helping so many members with their smart meter queries during the winter months.

@darknight74 on their suggestion to have a usage graph in monetary value and in energy KWH/M3. This is something we have fed back to the team.

@cherryp47 had a very impressive spreadsheet on their usage, complete with colour coding. Certainly taught us a thing about energy usage.

@daviddorrington10 for his ‘I love Bulb’ graphic. If we ever need a new logo we know who to ask.

I love bulb


Meter Calculator Update Love this Roundup


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5 Stars for the I love Bulb graphic really eye catching.

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Hi @cherryp47

We were impressed with your VERY detailed spreadsheet! It is nice to see your interest in your energy usage and everyone does love colour coding :heart_eyes:

Keep up the good work.


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Thank you Mel :slight_smile:

I find it useful to keep an eye on our usage also not to much of a difficult job to extract data over a time period by inserting Pivot Table’s

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