Community Focus - Has it all dried up?

So, the open roadmap seems to get updated once a blue moon (or occasionally when I request it), extremely generic canned responses in emails and this forum now seem to be the norm, and nobody has any idea what’s going on with anything that anyone really cares about (smart meters for example - the trial has apparently started, but no customers have posted anything, and nobody will give any details despite the fact it’s presumably now public knowledge).

The community redesign never happened, extremely obvious bugs that exist on the forum still exist, and time and time again comments are being made about progress in this area, but nothing visible has happened so far.

Where’s the love? Does anyone care anymore? Is everyone too busy to pay a little attention to those who tried so hard to make Bulb a company to be proud to be a member of?

Did @Andrew_ take the soul of Bulb away with him?

I don’t care about the necessary price increases, I don’t even really care that much about the referral link abuse, but I do care about what Bulb seems to be becoming.

(@“Will at Bulb”)

@mowcius I would guess that the venture capitalists who provided the latest tranche of funding have a significant say in how the company is run, and that the Community Forum is not high on their list of priorities. This is an interesting article

The owners of Bulb Energy are preparing to cash in on the energy firm’s meteoric ascent in what could prove to be the most lucrative sale to emerge since the energy supply market’s privatisation, according to multiple industry sources.

Hayden Wood and Amit Gudka, Bulb Energy’s founders, are said to be priming Britain’s fastest growing energy start-up for a sale to tech investors, either through an acquisition or a market listing following a £60m fund raising which valued the company at close to half a billion pounds.

Yuri Milner?

Quote: After nearly a fortnight tight-lipped on the source of its new £60m funding, UK green energy startup bulb has finally confirmed the identities of its new investors – insisting that the four-year old impact venture is expanding and definitely not “up for sale”. Julian Blake reports.

bulb energy Russian-Israeli billionaire Yuri Milner – a backer of tech titans Facebook, Twitter and Airbnb – has been named as the mystery lead investor in a £60m funding round for green energy startup bulb – as the company insisted that it was “only just starting” its mission to “make the UK one of the greenest countries on the planet”.

Does this mean the backers of Bulb can be traced back all the way to The Kremlin? seems abit far-fetched though very Fascinating.

Hi all. Thanks for your above contributions.

Bill and I are currently working on a Plan of Action to address @mowcius 's concerns.

We agree with your comments and will get things back up and running.

We’ll let you know the plan this week. So watch this space!

So here’s the plan of action.

We’d love to hear your comments on this. We want you to get the most out of the Community so let us know if you think we’ve missed anything!

Team Bulb is full of interesting people, doing interesting things. So, people across the company have committed to updating you on what we’re doing. Watch out for ‘About Bulb’ posts and share your thoughts and ideas about the progress we’re making.

We’ve start a new “About Me” feature so that our members know a bit more about Team Bulb and what we do. Each week you’ll be introduced to a Bulberino. You’ll find out what they do and have a chance to ask them questions on their area of expertise.

@“Bill at Bulb” and I will be managing your questions and comments. If this is a help and support question, our energy specialists will respond as quickly as they can. If it is something not related to your energy account, we’ll make sure we get involved and share our thoughts or find someone who is more knowledgeable than us to respond.

We’ll also be trailing a rewards system. For those of you that are answering member queries, they’ll be an opportunity in the near future to be rewarded for this. We’ll let you know the details when this is finalised.

Andrew is no longer working at Bulb but please feel free to tag or send me a message!

It’s good to hear that Bulb are revitalising the community. I like the idea of finding out what is happening behind the scenes, especially with Bulb being a small company. I also like the idea of a rewards scheme for people helping others on the forum. Hopefully it doesn’t go the way of the Giffgaff forum where several people pile in with pretty much duplicate answers to get the rewards.

Cheers @shaun8818 - let me know if there is any content you’d like to see or ideas you have to make the Community a place to be!