Community Help Only? Another site you cant contact Supplier Direct!?

Well Not a good start with Bulb? not only decided to change to bulb to save few pennies on electric they also had an offer for smart bulb and hub for a £1 if sign up. Well that offer was to good to be true as usual as all i have recieved is loads of emails of how excited am i looking forward to the switch to bulb! Your change over date is soon… etc load of cobblers, recieved key in post, let my credit get down to 43 pence so can register key followed instructions. Waited more than 60 seconds evan though after 1 second of plugging key in meter it came up error D4!
So thanks bulb ive put your key in Bin and i will carry on using Boost !

Hi @adamjfriel welcome to the community, I’m sorry to hear that your new key hasn’t worked. If you give us a call on Monday on 0300 3030635 we will be happy to help. If you decide that you would like to stay with your old supplier please contact them and officially switch back to them as they will be unable to help in the event of a meter fault or breakdown if they aren’t your supplier on the national database.

James W

Welcome the community and goodbye.
BTW, it is the smart things hub from Samsung and not the smart bulb hub. You have to claim it direct from Samsung. You are welcome to come on this site and criticize but please get your facts right first. Byee