☀️Community Spotlight #1 ☀️

We’ve been really touched at Bulb by the efforts of some of the members in our Community to go above and beyond to help people since the outbreak of coronavirus.

In our first Community Spotlight we’re shining a light on Matthew (@MREP) who’s been making his own biodegradable personal protective equipment (PPE) for healthcare workers.

Matthew was inspired to do this last week after reading about the PPE shortage, and spotting social media posts from people using their 3D printers to make PPE at home. He realised he was in quite a rare position to be able to do the same and help healthcare workers locally.

The first lot of 10 visors he made were snapped up immediately by a local care home. So he printed another 50, and again all of them flew straight off the shelf.

Matthew saw the impact he was having and, with some help from friends and family, clubbed together to buy a second printer and more materials.

He says the response has been amazing – and he’s already broken the target for what he hoped to achieve.

In the space of a few days he’s established a network of other people with printers at home. Together they’re making more masks, storing them in quarantine, and distributing them among local care homes and nurses making home visits.

Matthew has been kind enough to share his story with us. We hope you enjoy these pictures and the fantastic video of his process as much as we have. If you have a 3D printer or want to be involved feel free to drop him a message here in Community.

And if you’ve also been involved in projects within your community or want to give a shout out for someone who is going out of their way to help others, then feel free to let us know here :point_down:


Wow @MREP - incredible effort! :clap:

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This is so ridiculously cool.

@mrep Amazing work :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks all and thank you for your support with the project . Dropped the 1st load off with the community hub this morning. Printers are off for some maintainance downtime (and so i can spend a bit of time with the kids) but they’ll be back on re-making them tonight.


No need for you to thank us @MREP We’re just delighted you chose to share your efforts with us. Enjoy some well earned downtime

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@MREP Out of curiosity, how long does it take to print a batch of 10? and what 3D printer are you using?

@Noah_at_Bulb . Around 3 hours for 10 small ones. It varies with the slicer settings, the small ones i’m making take around 30 mins each. My bigger printer (JGAurora A5) can fit 3 on the bed, the smaller printer can do 2 (Creality Ender 3) . They can be stacked up to print more at a time but its difficult to get the settings dialled in so they separate correctly. its a bit more manual work to keep pulling them off and restarting the printer but i know i’m getting good quality parts, and they need to be good quality for the environment they will be used in


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This is so lovely to see! Such a lovely idea in a very difficult time for us all, I hope it goes well :relaxed: