☀️ Community Spotlight: How to make Reusable Free Masks ☀️

My name’s Melisa and I’ve been an energy specialist at Bulb since September. During Lockdown I moved back to my small village in Wales to work from home and what better time to brush up on my sewing skills. My mum has taught me all she learned from my granny about sewing, who used to make the whole family’s clothes

Lockdown is a testing time for many, with days merging together it’s important to plan fun and creative activities whilst staying at home. This is a step-by-step guide for making reusable masks. Its purpose is to upcycle fabrics into new accessories which not only look good, but reduce waste which is good for the planet. You can then celebrate your creation by wearing it, posting photos, or sending it to a loved one.

These aren’t replacing medical masks but I have found them helpful as a symbol of support during our current situation. And why not make them pretty?

You will need:

Leftover fabric



Elastic / tie

I’ll be referencing the Owl Be Sewing template so make sure you have it open as you follow my instructions There are other, similar patterns online if you’d prefer to have a look around for inspiration

Piece A +B should be joined together and piece C is for the pocket.

Step one - Source some fabrics and cut out the pattern pieces, you will need to cut out two of each piece. Cut the piece on a folded piece of fabric to speed up the process.

Step two - Sew the two pieces together (Pattern piece A+B) so they meet on the curved side

Step three - Double fold the two opposite sides in by ¼ inch and sew along the seam

Step four - Now to make the pocket. Sew the two small pieces (Pattern C) together to meet on the curved edge then sew the top and bottom of the pocket on to the original piece - leaving the sides open so that you have the option to enter a filter

Step five - Fold the two ends in, just before the pocket starts and sew in place

Step six - enter your elastic or material to secure the mask over your ears

Step seven (optional) - If you wear glasses you can add a pipe cleaner or a piece of thin metal so that you can mould the mask to your nose, this will prevent your glasses steaming up

Happy sewing, if you do have a go don’t forget to share your creation below, equally and questions or tips then let me know! :point_down:


Love this!! What a great way to spend your evenings!