Community switching offer

Hello Bulb team,

I’ve been a Bulb customer for some time now. I like the general ethos of the company - green energy, one tariff, good customer service and also the very generous referral fee.

I live in a fairly small village in Shropshire that is very community spirited. I think there would be an appetite to do more as a community to address environmental issues, and wondered if there was an opportunity to partner with Bulb to get things started.

Could the bulb referral fee be paid to a charity/ community interest company that was setup to deliver environmental projects within the village?

Many thanks,

I think Bulb are too busy with everyday business and coping with growing too fast to contemplate your suggestions. I agree with your first sentence apart from the good customer service. It’s going downhill but you’ll only know this if you’ve had reason to contact them recently!