Compatibility of the bulb app

I have a samsung galaxy note sm-p600, the new app is not compatible? But my previous supplier Scottish power app was ?

Can’t get the app to appear in the App Store, in “search”, on my i pad. Despite being an option in the dropdown nothing close is offered.

I have samsung galaxy phone 4.2.2 and samsung galaxy tablet 4.4.4 not compatible with either.

The limitation of Android 5.0 and up I suspect is based on the software they’ve used to build the app however there are very few new apps now compatible with below Android 4.3/4.4 so @1ce_Dragon, I think you’re unlikely to get too far with your old Samsung phone.

@Morayman, what version of IOS are you running on that iPad?
If it’s a first generation iPad, firstly I’d be impressed it still works, but unfortunately it can’t run IOS 8 required for most apps these days.
If it’s newer than that, it may just need updating.

@leetony8, if your tablet’s the 2014 version or newer, you should be able to update to at least Android 5.0. If it’s the 2013 version of the tablet, for now at least I don’t think there’s much you can do.

@leetony8, @1ce_Dragon as @mowcius says, the Android 5.0 limitation is due to the framework and libraries we’ve used to build the app. We’ll take a look into a way of reducing that limitation, apologies in the meantime. Hopefully, you’ll get to use it soon!

@Morayman I’m afraid the iOS app currently only supports iPhones and not iPads.