Competition time for failed meters

I thought it might be interesting to see how long people have went with a faulty “smart” meter.
I’ll kick off with the electricity meter installed May 2019 and never worked. So that’s 19 months of no electricity readings, I can’t even read manually, no IHD and having to manually take gas meter readings.
Anyone beat that ?

Hey @phimi Sorry to hear the smart meters were not working correctly.

I have just taken a look at the account and can see we have taken reads from the electric and gas the last few months.

My colleague has also replied to an email regarding this issue today regarding the above concerns, I just wanted to make you aware that we have been able to read the meters.

For the IHD issue, would you mind attempting a reboot here


You are correct, as of today I learned that you can remotely read my meter. After such a long time I had given up hope. Might be an idea to communicate such success with your customers

Topic still stands…
I’m only August 2020…

Hi @phimi,

Of course, I do understand. I can see a complaint was raised for you and my colleague confirmed that that the meters have been able to gradually read your meters remotely!

If there are ever any issues with this, please do let us know and we’ll be able to look into it for you :+1:

All the best,