Complaint about bulb


Three months ago, I had my meter changed from an economy seven meter to a standard meter.

My meter details have still not been updated online. This means I cannot submit meter readings and I am on the wrong tarriff, paying too much for my electricity.

For three months, I have been calling, emailing and online chatting with Bulb about this issue. The response has always been that they are waiting for information from the meter provider in order to update their records.

well, i’ve checked with the meter provider (western power) and they say that Bulb have not sent them the necessary paperwork to update the meter details.

so for three months, Bulb have been stringing me along and lieing to me about what the issue is.

I issued a complaint by email 2 weeks ago and I am yet to get any response to this.

Bulb are an absolute joke. The worst thing is that I cant even change provider because my meter details are not up to date and Bulb need to sort this out.

I’m putting this post up in the hopes that someone from bulb will actually respond and get this sorted

Similar problem here not able to contact Bulb or get anyone to respond !

Took readings over a week ago and then nothing. Several emails and now a complaint all ignored. I had to cancel the direct debit and this followed texts etc to reset up, I am over £500 in credit and paid over the odds since I had this account.
My only option switching to another provider as whilst bulb is online I get the feeling that there is only a tiny team of staff hence the delays.
Energy ombudsman will be informed too which makes energy companies listen.

Escalate it through Resolver that might make them move and get you compensation

Thank you, that was really helpful. I’ve just submitted my issue through resolver, hopefully this is the start to getting this sorted.

I’ve also been blatantly ignored