Complaint about new smart meter vibrating and making drone noise at night

Hi, I had a new smart meter installed three weeks ago. The thing is buzzing and humming all night (the actual external meter), I emailed you over a week ago and have had no reply. You need to send Morrisons out and check the thing. I barely get any sleep, i have had to move my bed and wear ear plugs :woozy_face:. The fitter arrived late as he had had an emergency to deal with around 1pm but didnt contact me till 4pm to basically say it’s late so… as i had taken time off work i said get here and install it please. He did’nt finish till 7pm , not sure if that it is related. Only been with Bulb a month not very impressed with the service at all. Posting here to see if i can get a response or if someone else has had similar issue and what solution they find?

Hi @Paul4,

Welcome to community :wave: And thanks for your post!

I’m so sorry to hear of the issues you are having with your smart meter. That sounds like a nightmare which we should definitely look into.

This isn’t something I have heard of happening before, but we will need to investigate this as soon as possible.

Are you able to email over a video or the meter and the sounds it is making to I’ll share this with our smart team and they will decide on the next steps.

Please let me know if you have any q’s

– Daisy :bulb:

Thanks for the reply Daisy, I will email you :+1:

Hi @Paul4,

Thanks for your email. I can see that our team is working through your issue and we will try to get this sorted as soon as possible.

Let me know if you have any q’s or need anything else in the meantime.

– Daisy :bulb:

Hi Daisy

I had an electrician round to check the wiring etc as I was convinced the noise was coming from my meter / fuse box, he could’nt find anything untoward other than suggesting my old circuit board needs to be upgraded to a new consumer unit.

I went to my GP to discover I have an ear infection which has affected my ear drums. My GP is of the opinion this is the cause of my distress. I am waiting for hearing tests but after starting medication I have not been able to hear the buzzing ><

Hopefully that is the end of the issue, not sure how you can ask/ tell customers to get their ears checked but if anyone else has a similar experience I would suggest doing that :laughing:.

Yours embarrassedly

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Hi @Paul4,

What a nightmare!!! But I am so glad to hear the noises have stopped and you are feeling better?

Not a problem at all, thanks for letting us know.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch again

– Daisy :bulb: