Complaint ongoing from September 2021

Hi there,

Is anyone else experiencing the dreadful customer service I am currently receiving from Bulb? I was contacted in Sept 21 to inform me my electric smart meter was faulty and it would be replaced within 6 weeks.

4 months later and the issue is yet to be resolved after numerous emails and phone calls from myself. Bulb have been estimating my bill - therefore way overcharging as the property is currently empty, and then having the audacity to send me and email each month to say I haven’t submitted a meter reading since August! Go

I’m at the end of my tether with the situation and seemingly keep hitting a brick wall with any kind of outcome.

Can anyone offer any further support or ideas on resolving the issue?

Thanks in advance!

Do what I did and go to the ombudsman. Took me 8 months, but I won my case. They fitted a smart meter at my house, I initially requested (a week after it was fitted) for them to come out and check it/test it on site. They only came out and checked it on site, (after the ombudsman forced them to), 8 months later, and then found it was faulty and they swapped the meter. Get it sorted and then swap to another supplier. I’m with Good Energy now. Happy (so far!).

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Hi @hannahwelsh29 & @DaveDB :wave:

Sorry to hear that you’ve both had a bad experience with us recently.

It sounds like your electricity meter has been affected by a firmware fault issue that has been affecting quite a few smart meters. Our emergency team are working to get all of these replaced as quickly as they can, but I’m sorry if they haven’t managed to sort yours out yet.

I will ask that someone replies to your email and gets it raised as a complaint for you. I’ll do my best to get your meter replacement sped up, as I know it’s frustrating to have a non-working smart meter.

-Luke :bulb:

Hi @LukeM_at_Bulb

Thank you for your reply. I have again tried to contact bulb after receiving ANOTHER automated email today saying I have not submitted a reading since August 2021. As previously stated I cannot submit any readings due to a faulty meter. I have followed all the previous necessary requirements such as sending pictures and descriptions of the issue to bulb with no further outcome. Subsequently I have been charged another £90 today (on top of the previous 5 month overcharges) as an estimate, which as I mentioned before the property is currently empty. I was informed by a colleague last week on the telephone that a member of management would contact me, I was also informed by yourself someone would contact me and I have also filed a complaint via email, yet still NO correspondence from Bulb!!

Please advise me of next steps as I seem to have exhausted all avenues. I am currently in the process of moving house so this need addressing ASAP!

Many thanks


Hi @hannahwelsh29

Again, I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been let down by our service.

I can see you called in yesterday and my colleague has just sent you an email recognising your complaint.

I have just spoken with them and they have re-raised the issue with our metering team for them to review.

I have also asked that they take a look at your payments as I understand the property is vacant.

If you would still like a manager call back, please could you respond to the complaints email requesting this?

Ele :sunny:

Good Energy: Depending what region your in as prices vary, I’m in the South West and the Tariff is much more. Will get a quote but there online quote & switch system is not working at the moment, can call them but will wait.