Complaints ignored, Wrong Meter Listed, No Refund When Requested

I have contacted Bulb with 3 messages, one as a complaint, and 3 chat messages, and all have been ignored.

The meter serial number for my gas has been recorded incorrectly, however, after checking the 4 meters I have access to on the outside of the building none of them match up to the supposed serial number. I have asked for help in what to do, and if someone can be sent to locate the right one, but this has been ignored.

I have also asked why I was charged almost £200 pounds for my electric usage in August when it was based on an estimate, and this was ignored, I have since provided a reading which was under the projected amount and no change has been made to my account credit.

I have also asked for my monies to be refunded, account amended, and what I have in credit to be refunded, however, all requests have been ignored.