Complaints procedure

Can anyone send me a link to Bulb’s complaints procedure? I’ve reached my limit on their game-playing, so now have to begin the lengthy process via the Ombudsman, (which they hope people won’t bother with). As Bulb continues to block the refund of my credit, and ignore my emails, I have no option. They probably manage to bully elderly and vulnerable people, but I don’t fit that demographic, so I have no option but to fight them in order to recover the money they have stolen from my bank account. As soon as Ofgem has ruled, I will switch provider - even if it means higher bills, I’m tired of dealing with criminals.

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Hi there,

Thank you for your post, and I’m sorry to hear you’ve had such a poor experience with Bulb recently.

This isn’t the level of service we endeavour to provide and we have let you down here.

I’ve just been looking over your account and can see the refund of credit was requested by my colleague, but it has not been processed fully. I’ve reached out to our payments team to check as to why this may be, and will be in touch via email with an update.

In the mean time here is our complaints procedure

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