Complaints to Ofgem/ Ombudsman

I think all bulb users should make complaints as Bulbs customer service is non existence.
They do not read emails. They do not reply to emails. They do not respond to serious queries. Meter readings is a joke. No online chat. No reply to calls. It operates like a scam system would. Do not know why we are putting up with this!


Hi @kc2903,

We’re sorry to hear that you’re disappointed with our service.

Our online chat can be found here:

We’re also available to call on 0300 30 30 635, from Monday to Friday (9:00am to 6:00pm). The quietest times are later in the week, outside of lunch hours.

We recognise that we haven’t been able to respond to some of our emails as quickly as we would have liked to over this winter period. Bulb has gone through a very large amount of growth recently, which is why we’re ramping up our hiring speed even faster, to keep up with all of our new members.

I’ve just dropped a response to your email, let me know if there’s anything more that I can do to help.

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Hi @William_at_Bulb

I’ve been waiting since the 1st of December for a reply, what are the current time scales for replying to emails?

I gave up waiting for email responses.
So much easier, quicker, simpler, and less stressful, to just get on the phone to them.
My meter issue that was taking 4+ months to resolve by email, was resolved in a matter of days by actually calling and speaking to them.

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I’ll call at some point this week, the live chat support was useless too and if they can’t respond to emails I think they should stop offering this as a way to contact them as it clearly isn’t working.

Oh dear. I emailed on the 2nd January and thought it may be a few days or a week max but not a month or more.

Winter period? I sent an email early October. Only got reply January.

My experience has been 4 months.

I tried that but they didn’t answer. Live chat had no where to type a message and it says “find your own answer”. This was at 9.30 am and they supposed to operate from 9am. In any event live chat should be from 7am to at least 9pm for people that work.

I would totally agree with you, they are a joke. I sent an email in October and because they failed their targets I was supposed to receive £10 but as of the beginning of January it still has not arrived in my bank (despite sending more emails to query why this is so). I currently have a complaint filed with Ofgem as my prepayment meter has not worked since September 2019 and Bulb have no replacements - advising me to return to a ‘Big Six’. Unless people lodge complaints with Ofgem they cannot intervene and Bulb will go on existing in a comfortable oblivion.