Complete your Warm Home Discount application

Is this fake, Received a email and i sent for a link to sign into my account , but nothing came back, I have logged on to bulb and i cannot find anything connected with a discount form

Welcome to the community @malc_tan we have been emailing customers about this, you can start / resume an application here:

I hope this helps,

James W

Thank you for the link, due to not claiming benefits, I can not apply,

Bulb team, I got this email about warm home discount as well, thanks for the email but I am not on any benefits. What criteria or details you have about me made you think I am eligible for warm home discount? Or, was it sent to everyone so that eligible customers can apply for it?

Same here. Im retired and only get the state pension is this classed as benefit or is it aimed at working people on benefits. I started to fill it in but asks for proof, you dont even get a pension book these days

fill it in anyway you may qualify for core group if you are only on pension
the DWP will confirm if your eligible
if you phone 0800 731 0214 between 08:30 and 16:30 that is the number for the warm home discount helpline