Completed Switch and waiting Samsung Code and IHD

Hi I completed my switch to Bulb on 24th Jan 2020. I have made my first payment and i was wondering when i would receive my link from Samsung to claim my Smartthings hub for £1. I was also wondering when i would received my IHD.

Excited to start monitoring my energy usage and see if i can become more efficient.


Richard Griffiths

Hi Richard

Assuming you signed up to Bulb using the SmartThings referral link, you should get an email from Samsung approx. 2-3 weeks after your switch completed - check your spam/junk/clutter folder. The email comes from Samsung (not Bulb).

An IHD would be provided as part of a Smart Meter installation so if you’ve not done so already, you need to request a Smart Meter from Bulb.

Hope this helps

Hi Richard. Strongly suggest you avoid installation of Smart Meter and dump the voucher for Smart Things hub.

Smart Meters are very locked down and you will not have usable access to data from your smart meter to allow you to integrate any smart home services to control electricity usage. Currently Bulbs smart meters only feed data to Samsung and the meter manufacturers who let you look at it but don’t provide a feed for you to use in home automation.

Best thing to do is like Electric cars is to wait it out and eventually the industry might work out the disaster that has been the smart meter roll out.

Hi Richard,

Welcome to Bulb, we’re delighted to have you!

You should get a redemption voucher email in 1-2 weeks so that you can claim your Smartthings devices. I can see you’re already on the list to be contacted, so if you still haven’t gotten anything, it should come to you by next Monday. Please let us know if this is not the case.

It looks like you’ve got a first-generation smart meter. Only the supplier that gave it to you can communicate with this type of the meter for the time being. We’re hoping that this will change towards the middle of the year but until then, there’s little point in sending you an IHD as it wouldn’t show your usage. I’m afraid it’s a case of submitting readings manually til then.

The Samsung app should hopefully allow you to gain a deeper understanding of your consumption in the meantime.



Thanks Adam for the update.

I look forward to getting the smart thing voucher on Monday so i can have a play. Oh i didn’t know I had a generation 1 meter but glad to here that this will be sorted towards the middle of the year.

Will and IHD be sent once the gen 1 meter is able to be communicated with.



Doesn’t the SmartThings app require an IHD to work?

Hi Johno,

The SmartThings app needs the IHD to present your usage data in your home, you’re right.

But if you’re a new member who signs up to the deal and you don’t have a SMETS2 meter and its accompanying IHD, you can still get the Samsung Smart Plugs and Hub. These can be controlled from your smartphone via the app.

I hope this clears things up a little,


It is possible to get a feed from SmartThings into a home automation platform - e.g. I set up a SmartThings integration with Home Assistant this morning - - which is now being updated every minute or so with electricity readings in kWh. From this, I can also estimate the instantaneous energy consumption in watts. If I wanted to, I could set up automations based on this.

I also have it feeding data to an InfluxDB database which I’m then able to graph in Grafana: