Completely ridiculous first bill after smart meter installed in August 2020

Bulb has just today issued a statement as at 18 Aug for over £26,000!!

I had a smart meter installed on 13 Aug. Usage to date is less than £70 for both gas and elec (I’ve been away from home a lot since lock down was relaxed). Credit with Bulb £460 net of ongoing DDs yet to be reduced.

The elec meter had stopped working (display blank) sometime between 17 May (when I last took a reading) and 19 June (when it had to be estimated), hence need for a new meter. An estimated reading is required for the end of the old meter.
The bill just received for 19 July to 18 Aug shows negative elect use (not a refund but negative use) due to a zero final reading on old meter - plus a few units with smart meter (correctly) up to 24 Aug. Bill = MINUS approx £3,700!


Gas meter was still working and correctly read to close of old meter producing a small credit of £3.

BUT on 17 and 18 Aug a smart meter reading is shown on the bill of 99999. Gas billed = £28,800 !!!


Total supposedly owing as at 18 Aug 2020 £26,000 approx.

PS It’s a flat not a factory!

Once this is sorted out I’m going to look for another supplier. Two such massive errors are unforgiveable. It’s good job I’m not frail

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Hi @pjhorn, firstly welcome to the Bulb community - we’re happy to have you here.

I can see that these readings have been fixed by my colleague and a new statement issued, so I’m sorry for this issue. If you need any other help, let us know :+1: