Computer glitch is stopping new referrals being added to online accounts!!!!

I rang Bulb customers services this afternoon. The Advisor got back to me to say there’s a computer glitch causing the problem of no referrals being added to people’s online accounts since yesterday afternoon (6th March) It coincides with the re-vamped layout of the Refer a Friend page on everyone’s online account that went live yesterday. The Bulb Advisor says they’re working on it and hoping for a fix in the next few days. I would suggest chasing again next week if your online account isn’t showing new referrals notified to you by e-mail.I would keep a tally of new referrals missing from your online account together with the name of new sign-up and time of e-mail just in case of problems down the road!! Hope this helps!!

New referrals should now be showing in online accounts.

I agree Norman, just logged on at 7.45 pm and all referrals now showing in online accounts. Problem sorted fast. Thanks Bulb!!!

Thanks for the flag @ky326vvb

You’ve helped us fix this glitch swiftly. Very much appreciated!



Possibly you will know the answer?.

If someone has switched to Bulb via a referral and are prepayment customers but have not yet topped up do their details appear in the referrers dashboard “Refer a friend”?

@Allanr What I think happens is that a referred prepayment customer appears in the referrer’s dashboard as ‘switching’ as per a normal referral, but vanishes completely on the switch date. Then reappears as a completed switch when the prepayment customer tops up.



There’s a bug in the referrals dashboard for prepayment.

Currently, referrals with the status of ‘pending prepay’ do not appear in Bulb Account.

They should show with the appropriate pending text ‘Switch still in progress’. Whether you’ve topped up or not.

The team is working on getting that fixed. Good spot.