Computing & Climate Change

Interesting video for the physics and computing geeks amongst you (I include myself in this set)

@savetheplanet Wow a long one. I’ll have to find time to sit down and watch it all. Looks like a good watch.

Yes best not done at work!

Yep. Good to watch on the commute though.

Nice one @savetheplanet - I am often up in the middle of the night with a one year old so always looking for video content!

Yes I have a one year old as well and I think I did exactly this at 3am. 5 things interested me about this lecture:

  1. climate models and weather models are basically the same thing and the models use theoretical physics.
  2. is global warming wrong or right? is a stupid question - scientist can only tell you the probability that global warming will occur it’s a moral decision up to you to decide if it’s worth doing anything. As a bulb customer we have made a moral decision to switch to renewables.
  3. modelling cloud behaviour has a big impact on the predictions.
  4. modelling clouds on the 10km scale is necessary to improve the accuracy of the models but we don’t have a super computer big enough or have enough electricity to do the calc to enough precision, so it may make sense to invent a new computer architecture that does many more energy efficient inaccurate calculations.
  5. global warming is inevitable if we keep doing what we are doing. 5 degree temperature rise would render parts of the earths surface inhabitable.

Cool scary stuff hey!