Conflicting Issues

I am writing this as I have received 2 emails from you in the space of 14 days and have received no reply from my email and your lines are always busy.

The first email on 5 September was telling me you were over estimating my bill and had refunded me £105.25 leaving me with a credit balance of £197.47. The second received today (19th) tells me you are raising my monthly DD because my expected balance is too low and that I am currently running at £197.47 debit balance.

I have just looked at my last statement and it is clearly showing £92.77credit balance and you would have received a further DD of £103.70 on 6 September making a total of £196.47 credit balance. Again this is clearly above the expected balance (according to today’s email) of £121.86 credit.

I would like a rapid response as I am not happy at having to find another £20 per month if it is not necessary

Look forward to some advice from you.

As a fellow customer…You dont have to increase it and you can change it online in your account. They are only recommendations from Bulb.

@scudo Thanks for your reply but the email states they will be putting it up on xx/xx
It then states toward the end of same email that I could increase it myself by 33% on their recommendation to make my account in credit within 12 months?

If they put it up then go to your account and bring it back down making sure you have sufficient for 1 months advance payment.
I keep my dd at £75 per month and top up with one-off payments if required.