Confused and in need of clarification

I’ve been trying to get in touch with bulb customer services without any success so I thought I’d ask my question here instead. I’ve recently joined bulb, I was on a smart prepayment meter with my previous supplier. My bulb tariff is 5p per unit cheaper than my previous supplier which I thought was brilliant. I’ve been with bulb for less than a month now and the original £137 per month that they quoted me based on my meter readings has crept up to £149 over the last couple of days. With my last supplier I was spending about £100 per month at this time of year, I’m not using any more units now than I was with my previous supplier, and yet bulb who said that they were 5p per unit cheaper than my last supplier are asking for 50% more money. I’ve submitted a second meter reading today into the bulb app in the hope that the monthly amount they’ve quoted will correct itself. Has this happened to anyone else here? Am I misunderstand the new monthly amount that’s showing in my bulb account? Any advice would be appreciated

Don’t worry too much about the monthly direct debit. It’s just a payment on account, not an actual bill for energy. If you are sure it’s too high, feel free to log into your account and change it to something else.

What I suspect is happening is that Bulb aren’t able to get the readings from your smart meter. Have you had any statements yet? If so, do they show the actual readings that you’ve given or are estimates used? I guess it’s likely showing estimates which is why your payments are all wrong.

All you can do with this is to keep nagging Bulb until they sort it out. Sadly customer services has gone downhill over the last few months, particularly with anything smart meter related.

Thank you for your reply. I’ve been with bulb for less than a month and I haven’t had any statements yet. The amount they’re asking for is definitely wrong based on the second meter reading I supplied them yesterday via the bulb app. I thought the amount of usage they’d predicted for the month would auto adjust itself based on the second meter reading but it stayed the same. I’ll take your advice and keep trying to contact them but at the moment I’m feeling a lot of regret about switching to bulb