confused as to switch being cancelled

I switched over to Bulb about 4 weeks ago. all went well until I got the email that my original supplier had cancelled the switch.
I contacted them (Scottish Power) the stated that the switch had gone through & that Bulb now had my account.

I then logged into bulb, set up my direct debit & had 60 pounds debited from my account by bulb. so all good so far I thought.

A week later I get another email from bulb telling me that my supplier has cancelled my switch? (After confirming that they had not) - reconfirmed with Scottish power that switch has gone ahead.

still getting messages from Bulb that my switch has been cancelled. all efforts to contact them have failed. Can anyone help!!!
I don’t want my “lights to go out” suddenly. am I or am I not with bulb. On the website, I log in but can only get to the community page. I cannot see any billing information that I could before. I cannot change any details, add meter readings or anything.

anyone got any ideas? BULB, could you actually let me know what is going on!


It is highly unlikely that at any stage you will have your energy cut off.
If you type in contact in the help button you will get 3 options for contacting Bulb. It is best you contact direct as this is a customer forum.