last night I signed up to switch my gas and electricity to you but a little confused, you did not ask who my existing supplier was, you estimated my monthly bill as £79.00 but did not ask what I pay for gas/electricity at the moment, then at the end congratulated me for saving £129.00. Can you clear these anomalies up or I will not be continuing with the switch.
thank you
James Burgess

Hi James,

Thanks for your message, you were given a quote based on a rough estimate of your usage using your house/flat size, this was then compared to the industry “tariff comparison rate” to estimate a saving. You are able to get a more detailed estimate by clicking on “compare my quote” on page which offered you the initia quote. This would allow you to input your usage and compare with the specific supplier and tariff you are with.

Thanks very much!

I was also a little hasty as I didn`t see the rest of the info in the attached pdf file! thanks

@p00l3w31 good to hear! all the best