This morning I have created an account with Bulb however I have had no confirmation of this and received no welcome pack. Also when I log in I only have access to the Community Page. I would like to add the details of the person who referred me. Hoping someone can help. Thank you.

For account access issues, best to ask Bulb directly as this is mostly a customer forum. You’ll find contact details at the foot of the Help page. Referrals are recorded by the new customer using an existing customer’s referral link - you don’t input details anywhere. If you didn’t use a referral link, when you’re contacting Bulb provide your referrer’s name, referral link and post code and request that they add the referral manually.

What do you mean you would like to add the person who referred you? If you switched to Bulb using a referral link it is automatically shown by Bulb.