Connect new in home display

I had to buy a replacement in home display for my 1st gen smart meter. I need somebody at Bulb to put the meter, remotely, into pairing mode. How do I get somebody to do that? I have tried twice through the chat with no joy.

Hello @Aldus_Sleek Our IHDs are unable to pair with 1st generation meters at the moment and it is likely we would not be able to connect to your own purchased one.

What model of IHD did you buy?

–Carl :bulb:

I bought a Pipit 500 which I know is compatible with 1st generation meters, including mine. I just need the meter put into pairing mode at a particular time so I can connect it.


Hi @Aldus_Sleek :bulb:

Sorry if you have received any misinformation on this, we aren’t able to facilitate the pairing of IHDs that arent either the original or one of the IHDs we stock.