Connecting IHD6 to in home wifi problem

2 x SM and IHD installed yesterday, flashing green across the board on the comms hub (except mesh, obviously) and IHD showing ‘live’ elec readings (gas has stopped- separate issue possibly?). Issue here is I cannot get the wifi working on the IHD. I have attempted to join both the normal (2.4G, N, WPA2) home wifi and a hotspot from my phone. Both just show as ‘connecting’ on the IHD (flashing wifi signal) and never progress. However… in both cases the IHD is allocated an IP address by the router/ hotspot, and can be pinged on the network - so it’s lying to me!! Moving the device nearer / further makes no difference, nor does a reboot (white button). It seems its trying to authenticate remotely somewhere perhaps and that’s what’s failing?

Hi @nashenden - there’s a guide to connecting your IHD to your wi-fi here: There’s a few different methods to try, but please let me know if none of them are successful.

Hi Jim, Thanks for your reply, but you don’t seem to have understood what I have written. There IS ALREADY a wi-fi connection existant - as evidenced by the allocated DHCP IP and the listing in the router table / phone hotspot. The issue is that the IHD doesnt then authenticate / do anything useful. I’m 90% sure the issue is Chameleon / yours in that the IHD is not talking to you. One possible issue - the Ethernet MAC is similar, but one digit out, from the IHD GUID. Should they be the same?


I am having exactly the same issue. The IHD6 has also been allocated an IP so HAS connected to wifi. My router is a Sky router, not that that should make any difference. Access to the internet is obviously ok as I am able to communicate with you here.

Mike - Is your ethernet MAC the same as the GUID printed on the IHD6, or different / similarish - mine is a digit out. My assumption is that the IHD talks to the Chameleon cloud identifying itself by GUID, and mine is unknown (as it’s wrong!). So the wifi symbol isnt ‘connected’ but actually ‘authenticated’ (or not).

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I also noted that the Mac address on the IHD6 is 0C-A2-F4-58-AA-DD while the router is reporting the Mac address: device: chameleon-cad-0ea2f458aadd MAC Address: 0e:a2:f4:58:aa:dd. Spot the difference! Is this normal.

Good to see I am not alone. :slight_smile:

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The MAC and GUID are almost identical on the IHD6 itself. Both start with OC but the guid has extra 0’s in the middle. I assume that is intentional.

Our IHDs are related :slight_smile: Same difference - second digit is different in the same way on mine. Have emailed Chameleon who did reply yesterday, but nothing since. (MAC and GUID same on box except the extra zeros, as noted!)

Great. Hopefully someone will respond shortly; look forward to a solution after my round of golf.

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Exact same problem here. Connect to wifi as I can see it in the DHCP listing. Will not talk to the internet but MAC address (in DHCP list) is the same as the CHAN MAC and the GUID has the extra four zeros.

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So your ethernet MAC and chan MAC is EXACTLY the same - the second digit is NOT different?

Correct. I double checked by removing it from the HDCP listing then restarting the IHD6 and check DHCP listing again. MAC and CHAN MAC are the same.

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Wanted to add my voice here. I’m in the same boat. My smart meter and IHD was installed over a week ago and has never been able to properly setup wifi. I can see that it has an IP. The MAC is different from the CHAN MAC - not that I’m clear on what their relationship is supposed to be.

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Took a while to connect to wifi but consistently loses the connection even when sitting next to the router. I am giving up tbh. I only had smart meter installed as I have solar panels nows. What a big hype about nothing all this app s**t* is.
I am the first to admit to not being a “techie” but I can follow instructions on a box! And breathe…

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This is getting me closer to understanding whats going on, I’m tempted to use the assigned Mac address, for mine, on the package it starts Oe: on router assign not OC as on packaging…

really not impressed…

Tried both for mine - neither works. I’m now getting the gas meter and hub/elec meter not talking to each other too, despite green light… I’m going backwards, with an accompanying silence from bulb!

An update. Now having left the IHD6 in an endless loop of ‘connecting’ and ‘connected, no internet’ for 13.5 days, the wifi has suddenly connected. I cannot yet connect SmartThings or see any updates in my account but this seems like progress :slight_smile:

Hurray - mine’s (almost) the same. After your post noticed my wifi symbol had stopped its regular slow flash and showed a signal - then promptly disconnected. Have placed the unit now exactly midway between leccy meter and router (6 feet either way) to exclude any range issues, and it eventually connected after a manual scan again. Still invalid GUID in Smarthings but hoping thats another (manual? slow?) update their end.

Wifi still trying to ‘connect’ here. Good that Bulb are helping us though :rage: