Constant billing errors

Anyone else have constant billing errors with bulb??

I had a smart gas & elec (Llandis & Gyr SMETS2) meters installed 5 months ago and since then my monthly gas & electricity bill has been an absolute NIGHTMARE.

Smart meter readings are sporadic - for awhile the gas meter seemed to be reporting correct readings which I could see in my Bulb account. Then in October they stopped. The electric meter has Never reported a smart reading.

Every month I have raised this with bulb support and get fobbed off with one of two excuses “we’re working on fixing it” or “we need your permission for daily reads” (which I’ve given TWICE now).

Today and yesterday has been the last straw. The useless customer service rep (when she finally responded to the chat) has stuffed up the bill again. You have credited my account all the way going back to May?! And then taken a huge amount out of my account and used last months estimated figures, despite the useless customer service agent stating she had “entered figures from data directly off the meter”

What the hell is going on with your billing system and smart meter installs Bulb???

I have referred 6 friends and colleagues to Bulb (and was happy to refer more) but I absolutely will not be doing this anymore as you cannot even give me an accurate monthly bill. This is totally unacceptable. WTF are you guys doing?!? :rage::rage:

Smart meter issues appear to be a major problem with Bulb at the moment, worse still they fail to communicate properly when questions are asked of them.

It’s unfortunate as when I joined their customer service was 1st class, and going from the posts on here they appear to be failing with emails/chat and posts on this forum.

It makes me somewhat suspicious that there is a lot more happening behind the scenes that they don’t want us to know about.


I had smart meter installed in April and have had constant problems ever since. I have been to the Ombudsman but although everything seemed to be working for a couple of months I’m now back to square one. Like you I keep getting bills that are impossible to fathom or no bill at all. My meters are reporting every day and show on the graphs in my account but are no longer generating a bill and for the last couple of months I have had to phone and ask Bulb to produce a manual bill as the smart readings don’t appear to have been taken. I have just raised another complaint so imagine I will be back to the Ombudsman again…

I have been having the same issues since I switched my mum over. Every bloody month there is something wrong with her bill. My mum lives on her own, does not have any heating and very rarely uses gas or electric, her smart meter works out she uses between£30-40 a month yet I am getting ridiculous bills saying she has used over £130 in a month, one month we got a bill for over £1000 the bulk of it being gas. I am getter no no where it has wiped her warm home discount out this month and I am going to switch her supplier, they are an absolute joke, I don’t need this stress and neither does my recently widowed 80 year old mum.

jeni, I am assuming your mum is paying a dd each month, that being the case I would take an old bill from a previous supplier and from that you can work out the monthly estimate, if not if you have meter readings them use that to estimate monthly usage, then adjust the dd payments to suit the usage.
You can adjust the dd payments online from your account.

Looks like they are over charging everyone, having same issue, i submit actual readings but they still use random readings that are several hundreds of units off, still haven’t been refunded.