Constant ‘debit’

I’m at an absolute loss as to understand why they are constantly contacting me to say my bill is in debit.
At present it is over £130 in credit - this will pay my next bill - my bill is due - there is SUFFICIENT funds to cover advance purchase of fuel at the moment. The bill is paid and the following day my DD goes in making my account in CREDIT again. That means for 4 weeks they have £130!!

My average bill with BULB last year was £114.00 and this year so far is £123. However they say my average is £150 - I’ve had ONE BILL that reached that amount in 18 months!!! These figures are based on simply ADDING the bills YOU’VE sent me and dividing by the number of months - pretty simple maths!!!

I’m sick to death of being informed that I’m in debt and need to increase my payments - and now to the ludicrous amount of £180!!!

I watch my bills carefully and if a bill exceeds my monthly payment I immediately add funds to make up the difference- this happened once.

If you wish to keep me as a customer I suggest you look at my account sooner rather than later.

I want an explanation why you believe my account to be in debt.


Hey @lynda.horlick Thanks for messaging and welcome to Bulb Community.

I’ve taken a look at your account and think we can keep your payments as they are. I’d just advise keeping an eye on your winter statements to ensure they’re not reducing your balance by too much, as the account should stay roughly one month’s payment amount in credit.

I’ll send you an email shortly to confirm this :slightly_smiling_face: