constant overcharging

hi, every month I submit meter readings. The bulb system is slow so it takes a while to process the meter readings so the estimates are used. However, I have to call EVERY MONTH to ask estimates to be removed and the actual meter readings to be used. The meter readings have been finally accepted today even though I sent them on the 19th of September and i received an email that my direct debit will change from 40£ to 250£!!! exact wording is “Thanks for the meter readings you sent us. We’ve run the numbers and it looks like we need to increase your monthly payments from £40.40 to £253.43 per month. We’ll use this new amount for your next payment on Saturday 19th October.” Where does this come from!!! I have just calculated the energy usage my self and it is exactly 40£for this month?

I’m guessing that you entered an incorrect meter reading, meaning that you’re apparently using massive amounts of power.

Check your readings history in your bulb account, compare against an actual reading from the meter itself.