Constant problems

Despite constantly asking bulb you address the situation with being unable to read my electric meter and non connection to my smart hub I’m getting a little frustrated , I have been asking about this since it was changed and installed In June 2019 ! and I still cannot read the dam thing yet bulb, despite frequent requests, and despite the times they have told me they’ll reset and reboot this delightful bit of software , it’s still not working and still Not been resolved , HELP :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

Hmm, you should still be able to manually read it, press the “A” button on the to cycle through different readings.

Good luck on getting its smart ability resolved.

If I could actually get to the meter it wouldn’t be such a problem , they’ve installed it under my stairs but cannot get in there to read it, was told smart hub will do it all for me but since power failure here it’s not connected to hub since and despite calling bulb nothing has been resolved

Hi @tim.multon

Welcome to the Bulb community - I’m sorry your first post had to be reporting these issues.

I can see we tried a communications hub reboot a few times to fix the problem with the meter not submitting readings. That was intended to get it reconnected to your Home Area Network (HAN), which is essential for the meters to communicate with us.

The smart network operators successfully rebooted your metering set up, but it looks like we’re still having some trouble talking to your meters.

There are a few types of connectivity issues that reboots can’t fix yet. The network operators and meter manufacturers are working on solutions to these right now and will be rolling out fixes as soon as they’re ready. There’s nothing you need to do to get the fix, it will automatically be sent out do your devices and they will start communicating on their own.

We’ll be in touch to advise you on next steps if it’s ever necessary. Of course, I understand this is my no means the answer you’re looking for given the location of your metering setup. I’d advise emailing so we can look into alternative options for you.