Constantly overcharged! Taking this to twitter and sociaL media

I live in a studio flat and according to my smart meter I use an average of £20 per month. However when I first had the smnart meter intsalled, the engineer submitted an incorrect reading and I was charged £185!! After being on the phone for over 2 hours with a manager, crying!, only then did he agree that there might have been an error in the reading submitted. Even then he wouldnt refund me and made me wait 3 months to see how much I use on a average. I was told that agter 3 months I will be refunded around £130+ but I have only been refunded £118!! making my bif for 3/4 of the month then (I had moved in on 11th) to £67. Kepping in mid that I average £20 per month with my smart meter.
Also, I have been charged £55.83 last month when I clearly used £22!!! WTF!!

£22 seems very unlikely when the standing charge is £18. That would imply you only used 20 units of electricity&gas in a month… a shed with a lightbulb would use more…

I feel like this is an over reaction. An incorrect meter reading can easily be resolved with a photo. I’m sure a manager wouldn’t have wasted an hour of this time on the phone over this

Actually not unlikely at all. As per my smart meter, and as per the two representatives I spoke to totalling to a 3.5 hours of call times. After going through all my bills since joining in June, and recalculating everything, and as per their usage graph on my account, I am averaging on £22 per month. The lowest being £15/£17 for the summer months. Also, I have been now been refunded £138.09. Only took 3.5 hours over the phone to sort it out!

Yes definitely an overreaction as you so knowingly put it. I had just moved here in June, and arranged a smart meter to be installed. Fortunately this happened asap. And I trusted the engineer to give the submit reading. To be fair to the man, this was an ancient looking meter, but then again this is his job!

I now know to always take a photo before hand if I am ever faced with such a situation. And fyi this was 3 months ago. I spent over 2 hours over the phone with the manager who was being absolutely stubborn at first and not trying to understand the situation. I did send a pic of the meter when I had taken it a couple of weeks before th smart meter installation.

Anyways, to make a long story short, they have now acknowledged their mistake. See my reply above if you are interested. I have now been refunded and all is sorted. Just took another 1.5 hour call yesterday. And also only took 3 months…!