Consumer Unit Relocation or replacement


Our Consumer Unit is attached to an old iron frame which my electrician has told me is no longer required for our meter. Can you tell me whether a Bulb Engineer can relocate the consumer unit to the wall?

The electricity distributor’s responsibility (the DNO: Bulb is the billing company - the DNO will be based on your geographic area) “ends” at the meter: the consumer unit (aka the fuse box) is up to the consumer (i.e. yourself) to replace (using a qualified electrician): they should be able to isolate the supply at the meter (just by turning it off).

If you don’t have a switch near the meter to enable you (or your electrician) to do this, the DNO can arrange for an isolator switch to be installed between the consumer unit and the meter - but you’ll still need your electrician to replace/move consumer unit. If this is the case, contact Bulb and they should be able to work with the DNO to get it sorted for you.

Thanks for your reply RichyB,
It seems I got my terminology wrong. I have an electrician to rewire my house and replace the fuse box. There are cables coming into a white box that the electrician told me he couldn’t touch. It is that which has been attached to the old iron frame. Am I correct in assuming that is the responsibility of the DNO?

And can I further show my ignorance by asking what DNO stands for?
Many thanks for any help.

Hi @dmg,

DNO = Distribution Network Operator. It’s who is actually responsible for the physical power cable from/to the electrical substations and then to your house. You can find out who is responsible for your area via https :// www. energynetworks. org / operating-the-networks / whos-my-network-operator (remove the spaces).

The white box probably contain the electrical meter itself (if you see two large cables going into it and two coming out - it’s probably it: especially if it is outside or on an exterior wall): if it is, you should be able to open it and see the meter. If you need that relocating then there is a cost depending on the distance - see https :// help. bulb. co. uk / hc / en-us / articles / 360019786431-How-can-I-get-my-meter-moved- (again, remove the spaces).

If you can include a picture (obviously obscuring any identifying information such as serial numbers, meter numbers house numbers etc etc), I’m sure Bulb staff (of which I am NOT - I’m just a fellow customer) or another customer will be able to clarify exactly what the white box is.

If the white box has 2 wires going in at the bottom and 2 going out of the top to the electric meter then that would be the cutout (where the main fuse is) and, like has been said, is the property of the network operator. A white box should really be upgraded because it is well old

Thanks so much. Tried to attach a pic but it wouldn’t let me. I’ll try and add them below…

Thanks, You’ve both been helpful. I think it’s definitely the DNO I have to contact. I’m now wondering if I’ll get charged an arm and a leg for it or whether they’ll be obliged to relocate and replace cos it’s so old. I’m about to get the house rewired. Bulb doesn’t let me embed the pics into my response, so I’ll see if I can add them separately…

If it needs relocating that would be chargeable but just replacing it will be free. If they decide the incoming wires are not suitable for a 100 amp fuse then they will also need renewing so it may just be possible to have it relocated free