Contact Details

Can I make a suggestion to include a “Contact Bulb” button at the top of the Bulb pages, alongside the “Help” and “Community” buttons.

I know where to look for the Bulb contact information but is is obvious from the postings that not everyone is in the same boat.

Or, at least, have the phone number/email address listed under the ‘Find us’ section in the footer.

Hi both. I’ve passed on this suggestion to the team that design our website. Currently, you can find the contact details in the ‘help’ section in the footer which is also signposted on our website.

We love to celebrate how easy the Bulb Account is to manage so we like to point to this first as often the query can be solved with a quick click of a button.

I’ll keep you updated!

@RichyB and @Allanr I’ve just started a new thread about this.