Contact email and phone number

What is email to contact account queries?

What is phone number for account queries

What is phone number for account queries

Please click the Help button at the top or bottom of this page.

What is email to contact account queries?
What is phone number for account queries

If you need help, there’s a massive “Help” button at the top of the page. Did you try there? In the time it’s taken you to work out how to post a message on this forum, and create a username, you could have yourself obtained the information you required.

Click “Help”. Click “How can I get in touch with Bulb?”.

There’s not a ‘massive help button’ when I go on through the app. I have been searching for phone number or email address for the past 20 mins. I wouldn’t have to search if bulb had applied the correct meter reading to my bill in the first place. As it is, I can’t change it and I can’t contact them either. Your comment is less than helpful, hooloovoo.

There was 14 months ago when I posted that! Things do change. If you look on the main website, the advice from @Allanr still applies. Click help at the top or bottom. Then click “Contact us”.


Edit: Even on the app, under “account” just click “Go to the Help Centre”, it opens the help centre in a web page and then you can scroll down and click “Contact us”. I’m not sure I believe people who say they’ve been looking for 20 minutes. There’s not even 20 minutes worth of content if you looked at absolutely everything and then found the contact us button last.

There’s a help button on the app, above the community button, least there is on my application

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Same here. In fact on the “Account” tab between “Help” and “Community” there’s a big green “Chat with us” button for using the web chat.

Really, 20 minutes?

Perhaps we are using a different app, one known to only the chosen few

I wonder if I am able to help you? Are you able to see your bill or statement?

some people just don’t want help, or admit they might be wrong