I just want to ask why I’ve been cut off (on phone, not electricity). I rang up to ask a very quick, simple question. I was told by the automated lady’s voice, that you are VERY busy at the moment, so to press ‘1’ and someone would get back to me shortly. I did this, I pressed ‘1’, but the next or same lady then just said 'we are having technical difficulties at the moment, so goodbye and cut me off! Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle! Why on earth can’t people (from any company) just answer a phone without automation and just answer my question? It would have taken less than 30 seconds to do so and now I have to ring back another day or send an email. I pay a fortune for my phone, yet seem unable to use it. Which begs another question, why is ‘Bulb’ asking me to topup my payments, when I’m over £80 in credit?