Contesting a final bill with Bulb

Hey everyone,

I’m in this weird situation with Bulb. I moved into a property that had them as a provider so I just stayed on with them. I only lived in the property for 3 months as the landlord wanted to move back home and so kicked my partner and I out.

During this time, we had significant issues with Bulb. Firstly, we tried to set up our account 6 times. I tried to set it up over email to which they said it was set up and to follow the sign in link. The link didn’t work. So we called. The issue happened again. 4 more times and again, the sign in link and our account was just not working or letting us log in. During that whole time, we never actually logged into an account, which makes me think we never actually had one.

Without being able to see anything online, we managed to pay £55 per month as a direct debit to Bulb for our bills. Don’t ask me how we were able to set this up without actually being able to get into our account online because I have no idea and I can’t remember. When we moved out, we got a letter from bulb saying that we owed them £180. I don’t think this amount is correct at all as my partner and I use very minimal electricity and gas and we don’t have things like a television either. The thing about this whole thing is that we were never able to provide meter readings because our account wasn’t set up properly despite us trying our hardest to do so. So all of this is just an estimate.

Bulb keep sending us letters asking us to pay but I know that the amount is definitely too high so I don’t feel that we should have to pay it. I don’t know what to do. The service received from Bulb has been terrible. Can someone give me some advice here?

Thank you.

Hey Meg.

Hopefully you have meter readings from the time you moved in to the time you moved out? If so, it should be easy enough to work out if your bill is in any way accurate, or based entirely on estimates (historical usage at the property).

Good luck.

@“Will at Bulb” may be able to help further.

Hi Meg, if you drop an email to we will be able to get this sorted out for you, if you do have meter readings from when you signed up and moved out, we can get you a more accurate bill!