Continuing to have problems after almost a month of issues Bulb claimed were sorted

In September 2020, we made the switch from “pay-as-you-go” meters (we would go to the shop every month and physically top up a key) to new smart meters, so we could pay online.
Every single month up until January, we were manually paying the balance displayed on the account IN FULL. As of January 1st, we recieved an email claiming we owed £300-odd on the account. Confused as to why this was, I phoned up and spoke to a woman who genuinely seemed she wanted to help. She quickly discovered all the payments I had made from September to the end of December had been going towards my old pay-as-you-go account and said she would wipe the debt on my new account and transfer all the previous payments over. Problem solved right?
A few days later on the 7th I got another email claiming that I still hadn’t paid the “debt” and now had to pay a £15 late fee. I phoned Bulb again and spoke to another agent, who was not willing to help as I had made the initial complaint to another agent, but said they would check with their colleague and make sure it was sorted within 2 days. I took them at their word and waited.
5 days later I recieved yet another email now claiming I owe more money due to “missed payments” on top of the original £300-odd payment. Getting rather frustrated at this point, I phoned again, explained my problem all over again and was told the issue was simply because I had previously paid manually, and if I just set up a direct debit, it will prompt the system to clear all the previous debt. I set that up over the phone and was ASSURED it was sorted, so assuming the issue was FINALLY sorted, I put it to rest.
Come to the 24th, I recieved a letter through the door claiming I was now in debt to Bulb and have to make payment within 5 days or debt collectors will be involved. I phoned up one last time and felt that this agent really wanted to help me. She stayed on the phone with me for longer than the previous calls and took down everything I had said. She then told me the issue was simply that the original agent hadn’t changed something on the system to ensure I would no longer get letters and that she had now sorted that for me. Come yesterday, I get another email claiming you are in talks with a debt collection agency to recover the ammount I “owe”.
What can I do from here? This is beyond a joke and is causing a serious amount of frustration and anxiety on our end. We have evidence that we have been paying in the form of bank statements AND confirmation emails directly from you. Why is it this hard to simply see I have been paying my bill and wipe the “debt”? To add to this, I have also been emailing another rep who asked for evidence I had been paying, which I sent, and I never heard back. Even after all of this, my account still claims I owe debt and haven’t been paying my bill.
I’m at the point where I’m considering taking legal action to get this resolved as I don’t know what else to do. I have contacted you on every possible channel and am getting nowhere and it’s extremely frustrating to say the least.
I do NOT owe this money, and all it would take is for somebody to take a proper look at my account and check the old “pay as you go” section of my account to realise this and wipe the ““debt””. PLEASE get it sorted.

Hi @alexcbrookes,

Thank you so much for your post, and I’m really sorry your issue hasn’t been resolved for you as quickly as it should.

I can see the thing causing the delay was just us waiting for the account credit we added to be accepted onto your account - this has to be accepted by a manager so I escalated that and have got it sorted for you now.

In regards to the debt collection letters, I am also very sorry this happened. I’ve made sure they’re stopped going forward and as you have an active payment method on the account now that should all stop completely.

I’m going to pop you an email now just incase you have any further questions, so please get back to me there if you want to know anything more.

All the best,

Update: This issue has now been resolved. Thanks @GeorgieS_at_Bulb!

@alexcbrookes my pleasure! :smile: