contract length

I am thinking of switching to Bulb - it says “The variable rate means customers aren’t locked into the deal and are free to change at any time” but is there a minimum time after switching to bulb that you have to remain? Just worried that the variable rate may increase soon after switching and I won’t be able to switch to another supplier…

@helen_g No you can switch straight away, so if you really wanted you could join and then switch the next day! But you won’t as bulb are great and I haven’t seen a price rise by them.

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Hi @helen_g, @tom6685 is correct. Once we’re supplying energy to your property, you’re free to switch whenever you like and there are no exit fees. If we ever changed our prices you’d be notified 30 days in advance and it only takes 21 days to switch so you could change supplier before any change came into place. However, we’ve actually only increased prices once and decreased them seven times.

Just joined Bulb Energy and am very impressed all round. If anyone needs a referral link to get £50 of free energy when they swap, please use mine

@Mark_J_4245 please don’t post your referral link on the community
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Thanks for spotting this @FromTheValleys

We love that you want to share Bulb @Mark_J_4245 but it’s against our terms to put your link on Community. That’s because it gets in the way of good conversation.