copy of email to complaints

First of all lets look at the data pertaining to my usage for April, May, June and July 2019

april £79 (£67.16)
may £78 (£64.92)
june £61 (£44)
july £54 (42.72) the figures in brackets are the actual billed usage amounts; the other set of figures are the estimates - you go on to say on the my usage page on your site the following; “Sit tight if your predictions look off. They’re based on the usage on your meter over recent years, so take time to update. Submitting regular meter reads is the best way to get accurate predictions.”
ACCURATE PREDICTIONS - rubbish; i put a meter reading in every week and have done so since i joined bulb - its made bugger all difference to the (in)accuracy of your data provision; why are you currently recommending that i pay £89 per month (£1068 per year) when the projection for my annual use on my last bill is £937 - I AM ON ECONOMY 7 WHERE IS MY DATA FOR BOTH METER READS? - no annual use, no projection of use for day rate and night rate separately just one amount for the year

The only reliable figure is the one generated on my monthly bill that shows how much i owe - the other “figures” are inaccurate and misleading .

you are only providing me with one data set - i need two, day rate and night rate and estimates should show day rate and night rate too;

Thank god i do not pay by direct debit

As a fellow customer I take absolutely no notice of the usage graphs, I along with a number of others keep my own spreadsheet of my actual monthly usage and thus able to arrive at an estimate of usage for the next 12 months (on a month by basis). It also shows what I need to set my direct debit amount so that it covers me over the next rolling 12 months taking into account the requirement to pay one month in advance.

I noticed early on that the usage graphs don’t align with my bills which is when I stopped looking at them.

I assume you are aware you have posted to the customer Community forum rather than addressing your comment direct to Bulb?

I assume you are aware you have posted to the customer Community forum rather than addressing your comment direct to Bulb?

I presume by “copy of email to complaints” he means that this is a copy of what he has sent to the complaints email address.

I hope it’s not literally a copy. Can’t people write a professional letter any more? Just because it’s sent via email doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be professional, and explain succinctly

  1. What you expect to happen.
  2. What has actually happened and what the problem is.
  3. What you expect to be done about it.

There’s so much waffle, capital letters, and colloquial language in that post that I’m struggling to even see what the complaint is about. He’s complaining about estimates but then says his monthly bill is reliable, so what’s the problem? If I received a stream-of-conciousness complaint like that I’d chuck it in the bin. So it’s a good job I don’t work in customer services.

TL;DR - I’ve not real clue what this is complaining about.


Well spotted regarding the copy I got too engrossed trying to unravel what the OP was complaining about.