Coronavirus planning

I’m reliant on a p.a.y.g meter for gas and on a limited budget due to bad health.
And I sure some of bulbs pre payment meter users are the same.
If we are on a self isolation,which it could happen.ive got heart and lungs condition’s
So I’m in a at risk group.
What do I do if I can’t get out to a bank to get any money to top up my card and key.
Has Bulb got a plan in helping us out??
I’m not panicking I’m a planner.i have a stock pile of food and loo roll. ( Done this way before Corona virus appeared)
But I really don’t fancy sitting in the cold with just candles to keep us going.

you will be taken into hospital anyway if you are a high risk so wouldnt worry to much about your meters

Lots of worries concerning China’s world population control especially ‘will our energy supplies and charges be affected?’