Correct Day and Night Meter Reading

Can I ask you to please clarify which ones are correct day and night meter readings ? On my meter, which is a digital one from EoN, It displays RATE 1 - N and RATE 4 - L.
Want to know if RATE1 - N is Normal and RATE 4 - L is Night or it is actually other way round ? Thanks.

Hi @Geek876, this unfortunately depends on the meter and how it has been wired.

Typically Rate 1 (N for normal) would be the day rate, and Rate 4 (L for low) would be the night rate but I’d recommend checking your meter a couple of times throughout the day (after about 10:00 in the morning) to see which one goes up to confirm this.

Thanks a lot @mowcius.

@Geek876 Let us know if you need any more help on this one.